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- Home Automation
- Intelligent Lighting
- Home Cinema
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- Shading control
- CCTV and Security systems
- Networking and Communications
- HVAC control
- Energy Management

Shading Control

Shading Control is not just about opening and closing some blinds. Blind and shading control systems from suppliers such as Lutron and Crestron, allow you to adjust your blinds to save on energy by harnessing the sun at different levels over different seasons. This helps protect furnishings, artwork, rugs and interiors from UV rays by setting a comfortable level of natural sunlight at all times from a touchscreen pad or press of a control switch.

Opening and closing can be linked to home automation systems and set to an atomic clock to adjust seasonally or on an 'away' setting for a home security aspect, where blinds can be remotely controlled to minimise views into your property whilst you are away.

Large or high period windows, or clients who may struggle with a disability or restricted movement which prevents them from manually adjusting blinds, all benefit from this home management service.

Setting moods and scenes within the property or adjusting natural light to transition to interior lighting systems, allows you complete control at all times.

Outdoor Control

Smart technology is not just limited to indoor use. The systems we install can also control aspects of your external areas. Applications we can provide include; exterior lights which can be set to different scenes, areas to light up at predefined times, adjusting to seasons or sensor movement, ability to light up a pool, patio, dining area, architectural feature or indeed to architecturally highlight trees and different areas of the outdoors, utilising the latest in LED lighting technologies. All of these features can be activated at the touch of a button or screen, on your iPhone, iPad or control systems.

However, it's not just lighting, some other practical applications are the obvious ones of garage doors being opened remotely off a key fob, sensors that sense your arrival and light and open up external doors for you, security lighting, security sensors, turning on swimming pool pumps and pool or hot tub heating systems, CCTV cameras so children playing outside can be monitored remotely, external speaker systems that can be zoned to different areas, outdoor TV's that can be mounted in your garden, near the pool or hot tub with surround sound and LED ambient backlighting. We discuss, plan, and maintain all systems and they are designed as a bespoke install to suit your particular requirements.

Surround Sound Systems

Wired or wireless, discreet and recessed, or freestanding and stand alone design statements. We install a speaker system to suit your needs and property. We can supply speakers that are cleverly disguised as abstract art canvasses, recessed ceiling speakers or discreetly mounted wireless speakers in different locations.

We install wireless systems and can integrate your existing stereo system into a home automation system, allowing you to access your music from different sources, via your iPad, iPod or directly from your audio system throughout the property to both internal and external areas. Our home automation systems allow you to wake up and shower to a radio station or music of your choice, which can be preset for work or weekend mode, to come on at an adjustable volume level at preset times. Having a party? The system can be programmed to 'party mode' which will allow you to stream music of your choice to set zones and areas and can also be linked to your lighting systems.

There are many systems and arrangements to choose from, however, following a site survey, we will advise and recommend the best possible system for you, based on your requirements.

Bathroom Control

A bath that can be filled and kept at temperature from the office or car, ready for you on your return home; a bathroom TV integrated seamlessly into your bath surround tiling; a mirror TV over the wash hand basin so you can monitor news in the morning; sensors and pathway lighting to light up the bathroom and hallway from bedrooms at night and LED colour lit features that change colour according to temperature, mood lighting and speaker systems. These are just some examples of how bathroom control can be integrated into your smart home. Energy saving, stylish and clever, this is a new era in bathroom fittings.

Energy Management

Energy Management Systems are set to be the biggest growth area in smart home technology in the next five years. Already utility companies in the UK are looking at having smart metering in all UK households by 2019 and there are already a number of new thermostats available to retrofit to existing boilers, which allow users to remotely control their heating systems. Energy management and conservation means that you can monitor and assess constantly the areas of your property that are costing you to heat or cool. You can then adjust the usage to the very best option, often resulting in substantial savings.

However, energy management is also about ambience and making your property comfortable and warm or cool as required. We can integrate external temperature sensors and internal zoned sensors that can be programmed to adjust your home heating to a personalised level at all times. You may want a child’s room to remain cooler than your lounge or bathroom and you no longer need to heat areas when empty. LED energy saving lighting does not compromise on aesthetics and provides substantial savings within all sized properties. You can turn on/off and adjust your heating system via your smartphone from anywhere in the world. For example, you may be travelling home from a holiday or business trip, you can turn on your system from the airport, so your home and certain rooms are heated when you arrive.

There are options to link to an atomic clock which can be adjusted based on air temperature. Particular items such as artworks can be maintained at ambient temperatures and we can also fit humidity sensors to those areas. We will advise you on all the various options at site survey and recommend what options we believe will be of most benefit to your particular needs.

Home Networking

Most of us already have a home PC network, linking our internet and broadband service to various audio visual, computer and printer devices. Smart home technology utilises this network along with Infrared, NFC (Near Field Communications), motion and light sensors to allow you to control even more home systems such as lighting, heating, security and entertainment.

It allows you to save time and energy on simple tasks such as turning on and off lights, adjusting the temperature, locking and securing the property but also allows for other practical uses such as being able to see children come home from school and monitoring their use of gaming or TV or homework via your smartphone or from the office or to check who has called to your door, see delivery people, remotely open gates for guests, secure the house at night quickly with the press of a bedside button, create night lighting to bathrooms, play your favourite movies or music across on different devices in different areas. The home network is the foundation block of all smart home technologies and components.

We design, install and maintain all such systems and work with architects, interior designers, builders and clients to integrate the network seamlessly, hiding away the hardware and wires and ensuring that the backbone of your home works discreetly and efficiently without compromising the aesthetics and design of your property. We can also fit wireless systems with minimum installation disruption.


Security systems can be as complex or as simple as you require. Do you want a police response? Are you away from the property frequently? Would you like to secure certain areas more than others?

Our smart home systems can tie security to lighting and allow you to secure your property at the press of a button, from a control panel, key fobs that allow you to lock and secure the property after you exit, options so that certain areas, doors, windows can be separately secured if you are working from home alone for example or wireless sensors that pick up cars in a driveway or parking area, window sensors that alert you remotely to your phone should anyone attempt entry, sensors that bring on external lights at preset times and internal lights and blinds down for when you are away to give the illusion of someone being there. HD recording on CCTV that monitors and transmits images to your smartphone to anywhere in the world, motion sensors that can be adjusted to angles and even discreet recessed wafer thin sensors that can be embedded in walls and ceilings and that can see through objects and walls to detect people and movement in difficult to monitor areas.

We give you a full security recommendation report after a site survey, and recommend the level of security we believe matches your requirements, also future proofing it for expansion or enhancement at any time.

Door Entry Systems

Traditional uses of a door entry system trigger the opening of doors, gates and garage doors via a key fob. By linking your entry system to your smart home technology you can turn off the security alarm and turn on exterior and interior lights before even arriving to your door, guiding you safely indoors.

If you’re working on your computer or watching television, an alert tells you someone is arriving and you can stream a picture to the TV or PC from the video camera in your entry system and either allow or disallow access.

If you are not at home and need to allow a tradesman access to repair an appliance or do work, you can provide access remotely via your mobile phone from anywhere and monitor and liaise with them whilst they work.

HD video recording and still photographs of all callers can be captured and transmitted to you anywhere, to your laptop or smartphone, so you can be aware at all times of who calls to your property. Keyless locks are also the ideal solution for teenagers who lose keys on a regular basis!

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